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Managing Your Leads

Escort Your Prospects Along The Way

Your website visitors have now converted themselves into leads by virtue of them asking for and receiving information about your product or services. It is time to nurture them, to walk them through the sales funnel.

We accomplish this through lead nurturing campaigns and marketing automation. It allows us to divide your leads into separate lists according to their expressed interest. We then can tailor your message to each list. This “workflow,” including an email nurturing campaign, provides a pre-planned, automatic progression through the sales process or funnel. A fully nurtured lead is then referred to sales. They don’t have to chase prospects that are unready. Traditional sales rely on outbound contacts from cold calls to mailings to follow-up phone calls. This ties-up resources chasing undecided prospects.

What salesperson wouldn’t love to have a fully nurtured, ready to buy customer handed off to him from marketing?