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Who Are They?

Who are your customers?

Market segmentation

What do you know about them? What are their interests, their likes and dislikes?

Take the time to build a composite ideal customer, a customer buyer persona, so that it is crystal clear to whom you are marketing.

Sometimes there is more than one kind of customer in your target market. That means you may need to reach different customers through different channels. A buyer persona for each type of customer allows you to understand their different motives, desires and, ultimately, buying behavior. The more you understand who and what influences your customers the better able we are to design a marketing campaign around them.

The “Nitty Gritty”

Once we have gone through the process of market segmentation, we have a clear picture of your ideal customer, what kind of copy or content attracts them and how we can reach them. We are ready to get into the detail, the tactics, of achieving your goals. We look at everything from press releases to SEO and social media, from blogging to updating your website.

Successful marketing takes time to mature so it is important to game plan all its components.