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Marketing Review

Marketing Review and Assessment

Find out what you’re doing, how you’re doing it and where you’re headed.

We want to review your company’s efforts to promote its goods and services. As part of this free marketing review and assessment, we’ll check out what you have to work with now (marketing assets) i.e. software, databases (customer and prospects), offers, content. This will give us a reference point from which to measure our future progress. It will also give us a better picture of areas for improvement like search engine optimization, conversion of visitors to leads, blog and social media strategies.

If you’re doing everything right, maybe you don’t need us, maybe you just need to be patient. But chances are you wouldn’t be reading this if you were satisfied with where you are now. At this point, we’ll be getting a good idea of how we can help you.

Set Your Goals

Look ahead one year, five years, to where you’re headed. It’s a time-line for growth. Goal setting has to be realistic and attainable, specific and measurable.

Now we have a handle on the resources that you can draw on to prepare an Inbound Marketing Strategy and Game Plan.

An example of how SMART goal parameters.