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Custom CMS

Custom Content Management System (CMS)

When it comes to maintaining a website, a custom CMS can help bridge the gap between programmer and business person. Content management systems are user-friendly platforms that allow non-technical personnel to edit data and publish information on a website without learning the inner workings of programming. A CMS helps businesses build successful, unique, and professional websites.

A CMS Makes Website Upkeep Easy

Growing businesses don’t always have the resources or time required to employ entire IT departments or spend valuable time training employees in website design. Many businesses instead need an easy system for updating and maintaining a professional, up-to-date website. A CMS provides a turn-key solution for businesses by providing a user-friendly interface that allows even non-technical staff to understand and use the system to update a business website.

A CMS provides a ‘back-end’ design that is intuitive to use and allows the user to easily arrange data for presentation on a website, no coding experience required. With a custom CMS, training consists of guiding users through the prearranged layouts to understand how information entered on the CMS is displayed on the company website. A single webmaster with full access to the CMS can update, patch, and debug the site as maintenance. With a CMS, business professionals can maintain an impressive company website without learning to code.

A Custom CMS Provides Security

Security is a major focus in the online world. Whether it’s a computer hack or an errant social media update, giving unnecessary access to the wrong person can lead to a faux pas at best or a destroyed website at worst. Our custom content management system provide strong security for businesses by building in restricted access for users.

The webmaster is the only person able to update the system and implement patches and fix bugs. Those who write for the business blog or update the calendar of events can be given access to update material but no ability to delete code or update the site. This restricted access system ensures that those who lack CMS knowledge can’t accidentally damage the website while those who are trained can maintain the website efficiently.

Why Choose a Custom CMS Solution?

There are a variety of “out of the box” content management systems that offer website owners a pre-made platform to publish their content. Systems such as Drupal and WordPress do a great job offering generic templates but businesses looking towards the future know that they need a unique website to keep customers coming back.

When Sheffield Media Group creates a CMS that is highly organized and fitted to the specifics of your business, you can provide your customers with that unique experience.

A custom CMS allows businesses to create a website platform that is not only unique to your business but is formatted in a way that is easy for your employees to use . Whether it’s adding a calendar of events or creating an e-commerce section, custom CMS design ensures that necessary tasks are straightforward and simple for those using the system and professional for customers seeing the CMS results on a website. A custom CMS can allow businesses the freedom to express their message without spending time and resources on in-depth programming.

Content management systems make life easier for you. A CMS provides an interface that ensures updating and maintaining a website is simple and stress-free. Choosing a custom CMS allows Sheffield to create a platform that is designed specifically for your business wants and needs. This customization ensures that you are able to tailor your message to your customers without extensive computer programming knowledge. A CMS is a powerful tool that helps save your business time and resources while establishing an online presence.

To determine if a custom or open CMS is the right choice for your needs, request a free site assessment.

Below is an example of our custom Content Management System (CMS). This Content Management System is user-friendly and no knowledge of website design is necessary.