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Custom Website Design

Websites have evolved since the early days of the Internet. While websites used to simply show pictures and company facts, today’s websites are integrative experiences. They need to relay a brand and a message in a visually appealing way that draws attention to the company. With only six seconds on average to catch a customer’s attention, websites need to be unique, focused, and polished. A custom website design ensures that businesses have a message that attracts and keeps customers’ attention.

Work with a Professional

A professional website designer understands the psychology of the average online user and how to adjust a message and format it to attract their attention. From the font type to the direction of a picture, formatting a website so it optimizes click-throughs and drives more traffic requires practice and education. A professional designer can collaborate with a business to develop a custom website that provides graphics and text in a way that increases exposure while still providing vital information.

Increase Branding

From golden arches to sneaker swooshes, creating a brand that is instantly recognizable is a challenge. A lack of integration of that brand across all business platforms makes that challenge harder. A custom website can incorporate and highlight branding efforts. From color choice to logo display, a customized website highlights the company through its brand. To increase brand awareness and provide a cohesive experience online, choose to use a custom website design.

Gain a Competitive Edge

When the competition blends together, businesses need a custom website that stands out and grabs customer attention and business. Custom website design creates a platform for a business to showcase its unique selling point. Template and pre-made designs simply provide a platform that’s good enough. They don’t work with the individual company’s brand and message to create an experience that’s intuitive and engaging for customers. Custom websites allow businesses to shine by developing a fresh look and feel for customers rather than just another ho-hum website.

Look Toward the Future

Companies that are planning for future success want a strong base. Developing a custom website design lays that solid foundation for online growth and innovation. Working with a professional designer, companies can create websites that work today and can be adapted for tomorrow. Whether it’s eCommerce expansion or new social media accounts, a custom design website provides a framework that can be expanded, changed, and reconfigured as the business evolves.

Own the Rights

Understanding the legalities of media and website use can be a hassle. Even if a business buys a template, they may not actually have the rights to its alteration and future use. Creating a custom website with a professional designer ensures that the business owns the full use of the website and can make changes in the future. A professional designer can also navigate usage of images and plug-ins so that businesses can focus on what they do best. Avoid the risk of legal complications with custom website design.

Custom websites require more time and initial expense but they provide a better experience for customers and a better return on investment for businesses. By pairing with a website professional, businesses can create a custom website that can be adapted for the future, convey the message today, and separate themselves from the competition going forward.

What makes a successful website?

There are several components to website design and development that need to be understood and correctly implemented. Although each business has its own requirements and concerns and no one solution would fit every business, we can simplify by describing the important points throughout the process of creating a custom website design or templated option.

  • The Website Architecture and Usability can be defined as the art of creating a successful website by planning and developing its usability aspects. Navigating through a website should be user-friendly and visitors should be able to find what they are looking for with ease and simplicity. They should quickly find the information again when they return to the website at a later date. Usability refers to the ease of using a website. A website should be an enjoyable visitor’s experience. If your potential clients or customers get frustrated when browsing your website, they may not want to come back for another visit.
  • The Website Look and Feel is the first impression you give to your potential clients or customers. It has to look professional and give the feeling that your business is trustworthy and well-established. How do we create the design solution that will promote your business image? We listen and learn about your business. We then create a truly unique design approach that will visually and positively reflect your business.
  • The Search Engine Optimization of your website is our next step. In addition to including keywords, title and description in the website codes, our professional writers develop keyword-rich marketing copy to successfully rank highly in the search engines.
  • The Website Development Process that includes web development and advanced web programming prepares your website for launch. We combine the architecture, design and technical requirements to ensure visual consistency, appropriate functionality and ease of navigation.