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Is your company ready for a Mobile App?

We now offer cross-platform mobile apps using Flutter. It minimizes development time and therefore reduces costs.

Flutter is Google’s open-source UI (User Interface) software for building cross-platform (iOS and Android) mobile apps and web applications. It was officially released in December 2018 and has become a popular toolkit.

Some of the benefits of using a Mobile App:

  • Connect better with clients/customers (reminders, push notifications).
  • Increase customer loyalty.
  • Expand online sales.

Some of the benefits of using Flutter to build Mobile Apps:

  • Cross-Platform Support/Minimal Coding Required. Flutter mobile apps run on both platforms at the same time. Development is done once for both IOs and Android. No need to develop for two platforms.
  • Custom UI Widgets. The Flutter framework ensures that everything looks the same on Android and iOS. Flutter has customizable widgets. It supports 24 languages, has built-in currencies, dates, units of measure.
  • Productivity gains. Flutter mobile apps creates fast and high-performance applications. Using Flutter results in high growth productivity compared to other cross-platform technologies.
  • Payments, subscribing, micro-transactions. Flutter works with cameras, networks, and geolocation. The API allows to process payments, subscriptions, micro-transactions and customize them.
  • Less Development Cost. Flutter largely reduces the cost of development since the code is developed once for IOs and Android.
  • Faster Time to Market. Flutter is faster to be approved, as it is built once for both platforms.

Will Flutter work for any business?

  • Companies in any industry can use Flutter: retailers, tourism, service, education, finance, etc.
  • Flutter is a good solution for testing ideas and quickly developing an MVP (Minimum Viable Product).
  • Flutter can help companies who want to develop easy apps on a single code base.
  • Flutter gives users similar opportunities on Android and iOS.

The big companies currently using Flutter

Its framework popularity is increasing: Alibaba, Tencent, Google, eBay, and Square are using it effectively.

Will the app UI (User Interface) on Flutter be the same as on Android and iOS?

The user interface can easily be created on Flutter. User interface themes and components are like the React Native apps. Widgets on Flutter automatically adapt to the design of both iOS and Android.

How promising is this technology?

Flutter is actively supported and used by Google. That’s why technology will continue to develop.

React Native vs Flutter?

Flutter is a competitor to React Native in cross-platform development. Flutter has gained incredible popularity after the official stable version was released in December 2018. A number of stars on GitHub (119k vs React Native’s 95k).

The cost of Flutter app development

The cost of mobile development depends on project scope, business logic, integration, and functions.

For more information and pricing, contact us at info@sheffieldmediagroup.com or fill in the form on this page.