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Template vs Custom

When To Use a Template Versus Custom Web Design

When it comes to website design, your business has two basic choices: template or custom design. While the benefits of a custom design over time are clear, the initial cost and resource benefits of a template have their own appeal. In determining when to spend time and money on a custom web design or implement a less expensive but generic template, consider these factors.


When it comes to short-term cost, templates are the clear winner. Templates are cheap and plentiful while custom websites requires significantly more money and time to implement. Businesses who want a professional site without spending lots of time training employees in its use and investing money in its development would be better served by purchasing a template.

Once long-term costs are considered, however, custom design may actually save money and resources. While templates cost less up front, you may need to hire our web development firm to update and upkeep the template to match current technology. Conversely, we custom design sites to operate over time and to grow with your business. If you have a clear idea of what you need now and in the future, you should consider the upfront costs of a custom web design as an investment in your business’ future.


When implementing a new website, web design templates require less training to use and less time to implement. Templates are simplistic designs meant to be utilized by a wide range of users. The work is already done so implementation is as simple as buying and installing the template. Businesses that want a site quickly should use a template and consider custom design in the future.

Custom website design not only requires more time to develop the design but also additional time to teach those using the site how to manipulate and interact with it. Whereas templates may become outdated and may need replacement, custom designs provide a long-term website solution so the initial training is the only training required during the life of the site.


Determining whether a template or custom design works better for you depends on your business needs. Businesses that require a minimal online presence, such as a static company page and a blog, could save time, money, and resources by using a template rather than a custom design website.

If you are interested in a more intensive website with features such as an API integration or custom development, a custom website design is the better choice. While some templates offer these options, they may not offer them in a combination or format needed for the business. They also may be outdated and difficult to update. If your business relies on your online presence, you would be better served with a custom website design.

Final Product

In today’s online marketplace, you must have a website that stands apart from the competition. Custom website design ensures that your business has a unique website that is well branded and easily accessible to clients. Custom websites provide clients with an interactive and immersive experience that is optimized for visibility. In other words, your visitors become engaged and stay on your site which is the key to converting them into customers.

Template web designs simply cannot offer this customization. Another consideration is that your template may also be used by other companies, including competitors. Templates, by their very nature, are available to multiple customers. A template provides businesses a professional but bland site. This may not be a problem for companies that simply want an online presence; those companies that need to establish a distinctive web profile should consider custom web design.

For most businesses, investing in a custom website design will ultimately save money and time. Still, for businesses with limited needs or for those hoping to later transition to custom design, web design templates offer an attractive and quick alternative.