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WordPress CMS

Choosing a content management system can be a confusing and difficult decision for a business without prior experience in website development. WordPress is a go-to site for bloggers but many businesses don’t realize that it’s just as effective for business websites. Choosing WordPress as a content management system (CMS) provides a wealth of benefits to the right business.

Simple to Use

One big advantage to implementing WordPress is the ease of installation and use. Many businesses have difficulty navigating and understanding their content management system. WordPress’ CMS makes creating and managing a website intuitive with simple design and easy instructions. Since WordPress was originally designed as a blogging platform, it caters to individuals and businesses that don’t have years of computer and website design experience.

Creating a professional site that conforms to a business brand may take additional design experience. The good news is that WordPress is a well-known and well-respected content management system. Sheffield Media Group is expert at utilizing WordPress CMS on a business website.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine rankings are important for your business. To attract the right customers and direct relevant traffic to your site, optimization and marketing are key. WordPress is a great tool for businesses that want to generate organic traffic because it provides plug ins and site mapping for SEO success. With a quick tutorial and installation of a few plug ins, you can increase search engine rankings and attract more users to yourwebsite. WordPress provides SEO benefits without the extensive time required to learn best practices.

Open Source, Open Support

WordPress is a favorite platform among website designers because it is an “open source” platform. That means it is free to use, modify, create, and distribute. Every day, programmers and designers are making free and paid widgets, plug-ins, and themes to help millions of WordPress users optimize their websites. Open source also means that the WordPress CMS is constantly evolving to meet the challenges of new technology. Whereas other content management systems may not be able to adapt to updates in Google algorithms or social media integration, WordPress has thousands of developers creating new ways to integrate them into a WordPress site.

Not only does WordPress boast an open source, but WordPress volunteers also offer additional support to WordPress users. If there isn’t a video, article, or how-to to address any problems, posting a message to this helpful community can yield needed answers.

Easy Site Management

Most businesses aren’t interested in designing and implementing a brand new website but they are interested in ensuring that their website stays relevant to customers. With WordPress, managing a website is simple and stress-free. WordPress has an intuitive, easy to use design that allows Sheffield to train your users in hours rather than days. The layout and functionality of the site make updating a blog or providing a quick rewrite to a static page simple. In addition to intuitive design, WordPress also allows the webmaster to grant restricted access to other users. Users are only granted access to the parts of the content management system they need to keep the site up-to-date.

WordPress is the fastest growing and most used CMS in the world. Although it is often erroneously viewed as a blogging tool, this powerful content management system is a workhorse that businesses large and small can use to achieve online success. For a simple, intuitive design that can keep pace with the rapidly moving landscape of the Internet, consider having Sheffield implement WordPress for your company.